Civitavecchia Train
civitavecchia train
civitavecchia train

Civitavecchia train

Getting From The Port To The Train Station

If you are leaving the cruise for onward destinations by train, then there are several options; going by foot, by taxi or by bus. The Civitavecchia train station is only about 1.5 kilometers (just under a mile) from the cruise terminal, so it’s a quick journey no matter which option you take.

  1. By foot, the walk will take you between 10 and 20 minutes depending on your walking ability. Bear in mind that you’ll have to transport your luggage as well, so if you have a lot of baggage this might not be the best option. But at no cost, it’s the best choice for your wallet. Once you’ve left the port grounds there are signposts that will guide you to the train station.
  1. The simplest route that most people is to leave the terminal and turn right on Via Garibaldi. Or you could use your smartphone’s GPS function to find the quickest way to walk to the station.

Alternatively you could hire a taxi or use a ride-hailing app like Uber to get your journey to the train station. The benefit of this approach is that you can simply put your luggage in the trunk of the car and relax as your driver takes you from the port to the station. And because it’s a relatively short journey the total fare will not be very expensive. Expect the roughly 10 minute taxi ride to cost between €10 and €15, depending on traffic levels when you travel.

  1. The third option for getting to Civitavecchia train station from the port is to take a local commuter bus. Once you disembark your ship follow the signs for the Largo della Pace Service Center, this is where you’ll be able to board a bus to get to the train station. The ride takes about 10 minutes and will cost €2 including luggage for a one-way trip. From 7.30am to noon the buses operate every 10 minutes, but in the afternoon can be as much as 20 minutes apart.

Civitavecchia train to Rome

Perhaps the most affordable option for getting to Rome and back in a day is to take the train. As explained above, even with transfers it’s a simple, cost-effective way to get to the Rome Fiumicino airport. The train station is located just 1.5 kilometers (just under a mile) from the cruise terminals so it’s an easy walk, taxi ride or bus journey to get to the Civitavecchia train station.

Once at the station you need to buy a return ticket to Rome. Most people buy a ticket to the station called Roma Termini, which is the city’s central station that provides a great location for walking to some of the most memorable tourist sites including the Trevi Fountain. The journey from Civitavecchia will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes depending on what type of train you take. For those with limited time in Rome consider taking the faster train which will cost is €15 on way, but for those who have more time to kill the slowest train is €5 one way.

Other train stations that might want to consider stopping at in Rome instead of the Roma Termini include the Ostiense Station which is within walking distance to iconic landmarks like the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. Alternatively, stop at San Pietro station if your goal is to see the religious buildings like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. And if the Pantheon is on your must-see list, you need to get off at Stazione Trastevere. 

Whichever station you choose in Rome, be sure to consult the train schedules to give yourself enough time to make the return leg back to the cruise terminal so that you don’t miss your ship’s departure. Trains are relatively reliable in Italy but you should allow for additional time to account for unexpected delays or other problems that might make the journey longer.


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