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The modern port town of Civitavecchia in Italy might not be the first place people think of as a hub of international travel, but for cruise ship travelers it’s known as a global destination connecting the tourist hotspot of Rome with the rest of the world.

The city, located in the central Italian region of Lazio, is home to a massive port that services cruise ships year-round. It provides a convenient base with several options for making the journey of roughly 80 kilometers (50 miles) to Rome, 65 kilometers (40 miles) to Rome Airport Fiumicino and 80 kilometers to Ciampino Airport (49 miles). Whether you’re driving your own car, hiring a taxi, or taking the train you have plenty to choose from based on cost and time. And Civitavecchia even has some of its own attractions for those who want to stay local and not visit to Rome instead. While the city doesn’t have sights to rival Rome like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, or the Trevi Fountain, it still has some local delights for intrepid explorers.

Consider touring the National Archeological Museum of Civitavecchia with its magnificent collection of statues, trinkets and other items from Ancient times to the Middle Ages. Or simply stroll along the beautiful promenade and relax at a local café with some food and drink. However, most people who dock at Civitavecchia on a cruise ship plan on making a trip to Rome to see as much as possible. While it’s difficult to cover a lot of Rome in a day, the information below will at least guide you on the best options to get there and back.

Civitavecchia Port is the second busiest cruise port in Europe with nearly 2.5 million passengers.

Civitavecchia it is located about 60 kilometres (37 miles) west north of the center of Rome..

Civitavecchia port services several major cruise lines including Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and the NCL Norwegian Cruise Line. As the biggest cruise port near Rome, it naturally serves a vital connection between cruises and the Italian city. The huge boats dock at Civitavecchia and passengers disembark for day trips to Rome, back in time for the ship to set sail. There are several cafes and restaurants located in the immediate vicinity of the part, as well as an information center. If you’re not venturing on to Rome, one option is to pick up a map or other leaflets about attractions in Civitavecchia and explore by foot.

For those with plans to visit Rome for the day, once you leave the boat you’ll get to your preferred transport, which could by cruise ship shuttle (usually the most expensive option), private car or taxi, tours, or by train (perhaps the cheapest option).

Port Terminals

Civitavecchia Port has Three passenger terminals:

– Largo della Pace  (Cruise shuttle bus)

– ADM (Ferry Terminal)

– RCT (Rome Cruise Terminal)

The Motorways of the Sea

Civitavecchia port is part of a European/Mediterranean port group known as Motorways of the Sea. This links several ports together and helps to facilitate faster transfer between ports, docking, and overall a better experience for ships and their passengers.


From Civitavecchia Port passengers can use the following transportation options to get to Rome. See the information as follows:

Train: From Civitavecchia Port there are several Train options to Rome.

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Taxi: Get to Rome in one hour by taxi.

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Car Rental: Renting a car in Civitavecchia is a good idea to move around or Rome.

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Information Kiosk

Should you arrive at Civitavecchia Port and are unsure of something or need more information you can visit the information kiosk. This small kiosk is located just outside of the terminal at Largo della Pace. When the port has a large number of boats docking at the same time this kiosk can get busy. Around the information kiosk you can also find tour operators and taxis should you need them.


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