Civitavecchia Taxi
Civitavecchia Taxi
Civitavecchia Taxi

Civitavecchia Taxi

Civitavecchia taxis are available at the Civitavecchia’s port to take you to Rome, this is going to also be a very expensive choice. Consider that taxis are metered and charge base on distance, and Rome is 80 kilometers (50 miles) away, so your journey will cost between €125 to €150 or more. Consider this as the option of last resort if none of the others are available.

If money is not an object, then this can however be a stress-free way to get to and from Rome. You won’t have the hassle of waiting for public transport and can relax on the journey there and back. And if indeed budget is not a barrier to your transport choice, you could even treat yourself with a private limousine. This would provide an even comfier ride to Rome and back, although naturally is more expensive, with prices varying among operators.

Private shared transfer

A slightly more affordable alternative to taking a taxi is to sign up for a private shared transfer service. These shuttle buses usually take small groups of people to Rome for a flat rate per person, with prices dependent on which company you choose. Many of these transfer companies offer their services at the port, so you can step off your ship and choose among them. But it is usually helpful to book these transfers in advance because they can sell out, and having a booking guarantees your ride to Rome and back. Expect the cost to be lower than a taxi, although you’ll still be at the mercy of traffic which could make it a long journey.

Radio Taxi Civitavecchia

Radio Taxi Civitavecchia offers 24-hour taxi service and can be booked by calling 06 6619 0919. The taxis are white in color with an identifiable logo. Fares are calculated using the taximeter based on the trip distance and luggage. A small additional charge of €1 is applied for booking over the phone. The service also provides intercity transfers to Rome, Fiumicino Airport and cruise ports.

Sharing a Taxi

If traveling in a group, consider sharing a taxi to save costs. Look for other travelers at taxi stands and negotiate a fixed fare with the driver for the shared ride before departing. The fare should be proportionately lower than a private hire. However, sharing with strangers does come with risks regarding safety, stops and drop-off points. Only share a taxi if you feel fully comfortable doing so.

With various taxi options available, getting around Civitavecchia at your own convenience is possible. Just be aware of the potential language barrier and only use legitimate taxi services to avoid being overcharged. Enjoy your trip and safe travels!

How to Find and Hail a Taxi in Civitavecchia

Locate the Taxi Stand

The main taxi stand in Civitavecchia is located just outside the cruise terminal, adjacent to the bus station. There you will find a queue of white taxis waiting to transport passengers. The taxi stand typically operates from 6 AM to 8 PM daily.

Know the Base Fare and Rates

As of 2022, the base fare for taxis in Civitavecchia is €3.10. The rate is €1.10 per kilometer. There are additional surcharges of €2.50 for each piece of luggage and €5.00 for service to or from Civitavecchia’s airport. Rates are posted clearly on the exterior of each taxi. It is customary to tip taxi drivers approximately 10% of the total fare.

Provide Your Destination Details

When entering the taxi, clearly state your desired destination and any stops you wish to make along the route. The driver may have limited English, so the name and address of your destination in Italian is helpful. If going to a hotel, also have the name of the establishment. The driver will start the meter once you have entered the taxi and provided the necessary destination details.

Pay in Cash or Credit Card

You can pay for taxi fares in either cash (Euros) or credit card. Inform the driver of your preferred payment method before departing to ensure their taxi accepts credit cards and to allow the driver to activate the card reader.Exact change is not required, but small bills are appreciated. Your receipt will show the total distance traveled and fare paid.

With some advance planning, using taxis to get around Civitavecchia can be an efficient and affordable mode of transportation during your visit. Following these tips will help ensure you have a smooth experience hailing and riding in a taxi.

Taxi Fares, Tipping, and Safety Tips for Civitavecchia


Taxi fares in Civitavecchia are charged according to the meter. The starting fare is €5 during the day, and €7 at night between 10 pm and 6 am as well as on Sundays and holidays. Expect to pay around €15-20 for most trips within the city center. Fares are slightly higher if taking a taxi from the cruise port, usually around €10-15 for a short trip into town. It is a good idea to ask for an estimate of the fare before getting into a taxi to avoid any confusion over the final price.


While tipping taxi drivers in Civitavecchia is not required, it is customary to round up the fare or leave a small tip of €1-2 for good service. Most locals will tip 10% of the total fare. If your driver has helped with loading luggage or provided helpful recommendations, a tip on the higher end of this range or slightly more is appropriate.


Only take licensed taxis that you call for or hail on the street. Avoid unmarked cabs, as some illegal taxis operate in the city and may overcharge or scam customers. Look for the taxi company name, rates, and ID number clearly displayed. Sit in the backseat, and never share a taxi with strangers. Most Civitavecchia taxi drivers are friendly, but if you feel unsafe for any reason, ask to stop and exit the vehicle. Take normal travel safety precautions with your belongings, and consider keeping smaller bags in your lap or under your legs during the ride.

With some caution and common sense, taxis can be a convenient way to get around Civitavecchia. Know the expected fares, tip generously when warranted, and remain alert as you would in any unfamiliar city. By following these tips, you can have a smooth taxi experience during your visit.


In summary, taking taxis in Civitavecchia can be smooth and hassle-free if you prepare in advance. Do your research to find reputable taxi companies, agree on a fare upfront to avoid surprises, and have cash or a credit card ready for payment. Being aware of local taxi regulations, having your destination address available, and knowing some basic Italian phrases will also ensure a better experience. With the right preparation, taxis can be an affordable and convenient way to get around during your visit to this historic port city. Following these tips will help you travel like a seasoned visitor and enjoy your time in Civitavecchia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Civitavecchia Port Taxis

Yes, with a taxi you have total privacy as it will just be you and your travel companions, and your luggage will be safe in the trunk of the vehicle, whereas space for storing bags and for sitting can be limited on public transportation. Also, buses might drop you off very from your hotel or other accommodation, while taxis will take you to the front door of your destination.

Taxis that pick passengers up from the port will charge you using meters, which are based on distance, and therefore the longer your journey takes, the higher that the total fare will be.

The port is located about 80 kilometers (or roughly 40 miles) from Rome’s center.

Given that taxis that pick up at the port use distance-based meters, you can expect the average ride to the city center to cost anywhere from at least €125 to more than €150.

Yes, although many drivers are honest, some will unfortunately try to take you on a very long route to your destination in Rome or elsewhere, because this will increase the fare on the distanced-based taxi meter. You can avoid this by researching the quickest route between the port and your destination online before your trip, and demanding that the driver take this route.

The drive between Civitavecchia Port and Rome can usually take about an hour. However, if you are traveling at rush hour or other busy times of the day then the journey might be longer, and if your ride is at quiet times of the day like early in the morning then it can be quicker.

No, there are no laws or rules that require you to tip taxi drivers in Italy, and if you think that the ride you were given was unsafe or overpriced then you should not leave a tip. But if you enjoyed your journey then it can be a nice gesture to tip your driver with a few Euros.


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